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I started collecting these pieces of wood in 2019 on my hikes along the wild beaches, forests and mountains of the island of Crete and around my home in Tel Aviv. The project became my main occupation, not to mention my main refuge, during the pandemic.


The search itself is an exciting and challenging journey. I walk around carrying a backpack and a saw to cut heavy trunks into parts that can be carried. I do not disturb rooted trees even if they are completely lifeless so as not to detract from the landscape.

The wood parts are usually in an active stage of disintegration so they require careful preservation to stop the decay. The process lasts about a week, is done in the open air and includes the following steps: (1) Soaking in water with chlorine (to eliminate pests) (2) Soaking in water-based varnish (3) Dyeing with transparent glue for strengthening. 

Each wood piece can stay weeks in my studio until I have an idea what to do with it and until I gain enough courage to damage its natural beauty. I experiment with a variety of materials - clay, stones, cement, iron, copper, bronze,  resin, soil, colors and much more.

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