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DeadWoods [Definitionare a magnificent example of a constantly changing matter slowly decomposing towards its complete decay. They are a  testimony of the transient nature of all phenomena. In the process of decomposing they leave a trail of a surprising variety of textures and shapes. I collect, preserve, process, interpret, assemble and expand these deadwoods into sculptures. 


In the act of sculpting I turn the eroded and transient into

a seemingly permanent image. It is a dialectical process that takes place between two opposing states of consciousness, a bitter awareness of ephemerality as the sole nature of all and a desire for permanence expressed in the act of sculpting.

​The attraction to DeadWoods is not only aesthetic but also a preoccupation with old age and ephemerality. In the work of sculpture I seemingly stop the process of disintegration and cling passionately to the stable and (seemingly) unchanging existence of the sculptures.




In the studio I am a child who enthusiastically builds a sand palace on the beach and believes wholeheartedly in the eternity of his kingdom. Sometimes, I am also a father who looks with a compassionate smile at his son playing in the sand, while aware of the true nature of reality.

פיסול פסלים עצים שרופים עצים יבשים עצי סחף התכלות קביעות זמניות  ארעיות שחיקה אומנות דיאלקטי עצים כרתים שימור חמר מלט ברזל נחושת חלודה התפרקות לוחות עץ מרית בנייה והרס זיכרון  שכחה התכלות וקביעות הסוס מטורינו אבנר שפריר מרקם בלה טאר

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